Glue Stick Terrain

You know that terrain enhances your tabletop game.  But you are not ready to drop a bundle on high-end terrain. 

You have seen the amazing work done by The Tabletop Crafter's Guild.  Yet you really don't feel you have the skills or the time to grow into a master. 

Glue Stick Terrain puts a DIY DM like yourself in command of game terrain on the first day.

Whether you want to lay out dungeons, caves, mines, sewers, or perhaps an outdoor scene, Glue Stick Terrain gives you the modular kits you need to realize your vision. 

Preprinted images give your terrain a professional look while giving you the flexibility to go gridless.

Since Glue Stick Terrain is compatible with Verraro Low Profile Terrain and accessories, you can create one-off terrain pieces that are perfect for your most challenging encounters.

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